Daily Technical Overview
The Daily Technical Overview features analysis on the most actively traded U.S. markets.  The focus of the five page letter is geared to a retail broker, seeking a general summary and interpretation of short-term technical trends and developments.  Often the computer indicators and rigid technical systems do not always match the changing behavior of the market.  The subjective human analysis of Mr. Helms provides a concise review of market developments, keeping a focus on short term trends and trading opportunities.  Along with each day’s comments is a page of trading ideas entitled the Short-Term Outlook.  The Short-Term Outlook does not represent a trading system, but rather a stimulus to focus on opportunities in the market.  Once a month a Long-Term Technical Review is produced giving a larger perspective on trend direction.
• The Overview report is delivered by email, in a pdf format. The pdf version is approximately 5 pages in length and follows a preset structure of markets. The report cannot be customized.

• A Long Term Technical Review is included with your subscription to the Overview and typically published on the final day of each month, pending on holidays and timing of weekends.

• Included with a Daily Technical Overview subscription is the Morning Update which highlights one day trading ideas. The Morning Update is published at 7:15-7:30 am CST each morning.

• The Overview’s Short Term Outlook features trading ideas focusing on two days to two weeks. The suggested trades are not part of a trading system, but intended to stimulate the reader about projected trade activity.

• The Overview Report covers the lead or primary contract month for the following markets:  Wheat, Corn, Beans, Meal, Oil, Cotton, Cattle, Hogs, Pound, Canadian$, Euro, Yen, Swiss, Aus$, US$, Gold, Silver, Copper, T-Bonds, T-Notes, S&P, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Russell, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Crude, Brent Crude, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, and RBOB.

• The Overview Report will be published each evening around 6:00-6:30 pm CST.

 • Prices listed just under the market symbol represents the last trading price at the time comments were written. The emergence of around the clock electronic trade has altered the methods to track market trends and interpret price behaviors. The closing values listed on the Overview will be referenced based on appropriate settlement values or last price of electronic sessions. The use of references to “closing levels” related to the TRP (Trend Reversal Point) requires you to make the judgment if the penetration of the TRP has been of significant duration to confirm the turn.​​

• Common abbreviations used on the report are:
• ST = Short Term
• LT = Long Term
• Obj = Objective
• Sdwys = Sideways
• TRP = Trend reversal point. A close through the TRP level confirms a trend change.

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