About Us

 The Company

Helmscom is a research and system trading model firm, formed in 2011. We combine computer trading systems with the publication skills and interpretive technical analysis of John Helms’ offering a quick reference report for professionals in the futures markets worldwide and additionally trading system output for subscription use with select brokerage firms.

The Company Aim

The aim of Helmscom is to provide human driven technical analysis and chart pattern analysis, assisted by computer research materials for industry professionals in the world commodity markets. Our Daily Technical Overview report is focused to be the side kick technical tool traders use to quickly identify critical parameters making an impact on risk management and trading strategies.
John C. Helms
John C. Helms, the founder of Helms Commodities/Helmscom, graduated from the University of Illinois in 1979, at which time he joined Heinold Commodities in Chicago, working for the Heinold Research Department. From 1979 until 1982 he joined Mr. Vitale as a supporting technical analyst and from 1982 to 1985 stepped into the position of trading advisor to the firm’s research team.

In 1985 he left Heinold to form Helms Commodities/Helmscom, a technical analysis publication firm. From 1985 to present he has developed the Daily Technical Overview publication into a respected research product with worldwide circulation and utilized by many leading commodity firms.

From 1994 to present, Mr. Helms joined with John Vitale, of Vitcom, publishing technical research materials with their partnership firm Global Research & Investments LLC.  In 2016 to present, Mr. Helms in coordination with partners, embarked on development of system trading models.

Our Customers

Helping Our Clients Grow
Let Helmscom research products help your business.  Our goal is to provide critical market signals and information with our research reports that Trader’s want to have in their trading tool box.  We don’t tell you how to trade, just provide tools to make your trading better.

Helmscom’s concise reports combine some common easy to understand industry technical indicators, our own proprietary computer studies, and analysis from our technician to highlight important trading signals.  You can incorporate our work into your business materials for your customers, giving them and yourself trading signals or levels to highlight pattern developments that will impact trading strategies.

Please call or contact us by email to ask how we can assist the delivery of reports on to your customers, imbed our work into your newsletter, post our work on your website, feature our work in promotions or just use the materials to help with your trading.