In 2016, Helmscom embarked on development of system based trading models to be offered as a trade sheet guide for subscription use.  One of the short- term focused system models we now offer is the HVH3.  The HVH3 Trade Sheet provides a systematic method to invest with higher volume futures markets, positioning to capitalize on swing moves over the course of 3-20 days.  Trade signals for HVH3 are based on proprietary indicators designed to identify high probability trend turning intervals and special attention to the application of reasonable adjusting risk management tools as well as a profit capturing module.

The HVH3 is very good at finding likely important trend turning points and then has built in a risk management structure to maintain a relational risk to reward formula.  You will see the system anticipate likely extremes in a multi-day trending move, taking profits when the system thinks it prudent to do so.  HVH3 takes quick stops, by design, relying on the strong probability to catch correct trend turning signals.  We use a hand full of signals from indicators tracking Volatility and Directionality, narrowing a field of 160,000 combinations to a range of the most likely profitable signals.  Ideal signals are in a constant state of flux, but the HVH3 tries to capture within a likely “Profit Zone”, putting the system in the window for capturing short term profits.

Execution to run HVH3 is easy.  All orders / updates are performed on a twelve hour interval.  The primary order entry is done in the early evening after markets settle around 4:30 pm CST.  The second update is twelve hours later at 5:00-5:15 am CST. You will have two groups of orders.  New position orders and Stop / Reversing  Exit orders for some existing positions.
Sample Report
HVH3 Report (All) - 01/25/2018 05:00
Open Positions And Stops

RBH18, Long  at 1.8916   //  RBH18 Sell STOP at 1.8893      STOP
                                                             OCO Sell at 1.9468
GCG18, Long  at 1350.3  //  GCG18 Sell STOP at 1349.8     STOP
                                                              OCO Sell at 1452.4

New Position Orders
NGH18,                Buy  at 3.163       Stop OTO Sell (2) at 3.016  Stop
Simulated Performance 6 years​​
Performance 2012 to 3/2018

All Markets:        Coming Soon.

Sample Market – Mini Nasdaq
3 Year Hypothetical Performance 2015-2017

$33,792  on 119 Trades    //  $284/Trade  //  $11,264+/-/yr
Max draw down series <$5,00+/->     Max loss stop allowed by system for any one trade is $1900

Subscription / Use of the HVH3 Trading Sheet 
If you are interested in subscribing to the HVH3 Trading Sheet, please check back in by the end of April.  We are in the final stages of setup and will begin to offer the report with monthly, six month and annual subscription lengths.


Chart of Monthly Performance 2012-2017  - All Markets
(J6, B6, E6, GC, SI, HG, CL, HO, RB, NG, ZS, ZW, ES, NQ, YM)